Today every business owner looks for vehicles that can withstand the test of time and become an efficient partner in their business. That’s why, TATA Motors, since its launch in Indonesia has become a reliable and trustworthy partner to many businesses with its durable and strong vehicles.

But not every time, the businesses can afford new vehicles. They look for Used vehicles that are in the best condition, costs less and performs as good as new. Seeing this need of our customers, TATA Motors Indonesia proudly presents TATA OK, an organized and certified pre-owned TATA Motors vehicle model that offers our customers the same quality and durability of TATA Motors.

TATA OK engage in Sales of pre-owned TATA Motors vehicles through its dealer network with extensive inspection and refurbishment process. Every vehicle goes through stringent quality checks done by certified TATA technicians to maintain TATA Motors’ world standards.

Every TATA OK Pre-owned vehicle comes with a host of benefits tailor-made for different businesses:

  • 6 month / 20,000 km warranty
  • ‘Ready for business’ vehicles
  • Easy financing
  • Proper and complete documentation
  • 6 month / 20,000 km free service

Now playing strong in your business is much easier and worry free with TATA OK.

2014 Xenon RX

1400 cc, Manual, 6395 KM
Diesel, Solar

Rp 80,000,000

2015 Super Ace DLS

1400 cc, Manual, 742 KM
Diesel, Solar

Rp 85,000,000

2014 Tata Ace Ex2

1400 cc, Manual, 6612 KM
Turbo Diesel , Solar

Rp 45,000,000

2015 Tata Xenon

2956 cc, Manual, 11695 KM
Diesel, Solar

Rp 80,000,000