Jakarta, 27 September 2012 – PT. Tata Motors Indonesia (TMI), the sole agent for Tata Motors Indonesia supports the increasing of comfortable transportation unit for Indonesia. In order to introduce their products to Indonesian, Tata Motors Indonesia displayed Tata LPO 1623 RE LE CNG Bus (Starbus) in Green Pavilion Outdoor Booth at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012.

“Smart Solutions for Mobility Needs”, is the spirit of Tata Motors that has hundreds types of low operating and maintenance costs, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles. The Tata LPO 1623 RE LE CNG Bus (Starbus) is one of the perfect examples of comfortable, fuel-effective, safety management, and CNG fuel-based which is eco-friendly vehicles. Starbus that introduced at the 2012 IIMS is an ideal material for Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) for mass transportation, such as TransJakarta and other similar bus services in other cities.
“At the 2012 IIMS, Tata Motors as the 4th world’s largest bus manufacturer introduces the Tata Starbus to support mass transportation in Indonesia and shows that we are providing Smart Solutions,” said BiswadevSengupta, President Director of PT.Tata Motors Indonesia.

Tata LPO 1623 RE LE CNG Bus (Starbus) has 35-seats equipped with Rear Engine Low Entry (RE LE) with floor-height of 380 mm (low floor). The BRTS Project has been operating in several cities in India and started in 2007 under the Jawaharlal Nehru Renewal Mission (JNNURM). This project involved the India Government, Pradesh Medium, and World Bank. Beside India, Tata Buses are used for Rea Vaya, Bus Rapid Transit System in Johannesburg, South Africa since August 2009.
Having 6 cylinder and 5883cc engine powerful B Gas Cummins, this bus can produce 172 KW and 678 NM torsion plus the automatic transmission, and Allison T270R gearbox with integrated retarder. This bus is equipped with the unique safety riding feature as the filling receptacle CNG with non-return valve, safety cap & limiting switch, and the 3-ways knob to stop the gas castaway through the engine when it is parked. Every cylinder has the valve cylinder with the hand wheels, 2 gas leak sensors located near the air fuel mixer, louvers for the CNG elision when there’s a leak, emergency door, door handle, fire extinguisher, and other features that make this bus to be the breakthrough for urban transportation.

Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. (TMML), a joint venture of Tata Motors Ltd and Marcopolo S.A, Brazil produce a manual wheel chair safety ramp. The bus is immobilized when the ramp is in use.
“We offers appropriate new breakthrough to the global standard for people mobility, providing eco-friendly transportation model and the convenience to the people as the main user for this TataStarbus product.

The LPO 1623 RE LE CNG Bus (Starbus) is claimed to be the environmentally friendly CNG based vehicle. Tata Motors developed CNG system that allows power supply through electronic injectors or CNG Injection System, that manages precession in supply and optimize driving experience. The safety quality of Tata Motors’ CNG Injection system has been tested and certified in accordance to the global standard by Tata Motors Engineering.

Tata Motors’ CNG system is insured with 16 bit CNG ECU that allows faster response to engine and a re-programmable ECU while its data is being delivered via internet. This facility comes very handy when customer needs an emergency after sales service.

Tata Motors’ CNG System has many technical and non-technical benefits that confirm comfort in operation and driving compares to other CNG system. Tata Motors CNG Injection System has an Automatic Changeover Program feature that technically lowers operational cost, for more miles compares to using fuel or diesel, in which automatically lowers maintenance cost, increases spark plug performance, minimize toxic and does not produce black excess smoke.
Tata Motors Indonesia exhibits 13 types of vehicles over at the indoor and outdoor booth at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2012. The outdoor booth is built to host vehicles with the special green CNG technology.